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D.I.Y.  on  H E A L T H
H E A L T H   is   W E A L T H


Over 50 ideas on natural remedies for high or low blood pressure, cholesterol, anemia and diabetes with methods to reduce gastric pains, toothache, headache and most common illnesses like flu, cold, cough, constipation and diarrhea. Information on cancer prevention and advice on some healthy foods.


Good health is wealth. With the ever-rising medical costs, it is important that we learn how to take control on our health.

When it comes to health, no one wants to take chances. Will you?

A seriously sick person should seek professional medical advice. However, some common illnesses can be remedied with natural cures. The compilation of DIY on Health is meant to assist everybody willing to learn ideas in taking care of their health especially on some slight hiccups of the body. Most of these methods are time tested by so called The Grandmother's Way

A healthy person must strive for balance, harmony and joy too! Proper and adequate exercise, taking healthy foods and appropriate rest are essential to good health.







Do not eat too salty and oily food

REMEDY: Juice - Wash Celery, blend. Add 50cc honey. Stir well. Drink 200cc 3 times a day. Soak some groundnuts in a bottle of white vinegar for 1 week. Every morning eat 10 peanuts.


REMEDY: Wash 500g of prawns, marinate with salt. . Dry with a cloth and deep fry with oil (70% hot). When the prawns turn pink and the body curl, dish out. Sprinkle with sesame oil and some Chinese chives, cut, 2 eggs and salt. Fry like omelette, eat frequently to see results.


A recipe book (PDF format) on Singapore favorite foods is FREE with purchase.



The sooner you start paying attention to your health, the higher your chances of not only living longer, but better as well, whatever your age is now.